SCA International is pleased to partner with the producers of WOUNDED AND ABANDONED, enabling us to distribute copies of the their new DVD entitled:

“Wounded and Abandoned: The Emotional Risks of Abortion”

SCA believes in providing public awareness services on topics it considers critical to how we live.  The topic of abortion is one such subject. While many of us may oppose it because we believe God values all life, we often neglect to think about what an abortion does to the health of the person who has had one.

This documentary (the second in a series) shares the story of some who were very much impacted by an abortion. Watching it, you will discover how they felt before, during, and more importantly, after – even years after. It covers the whole gamut of “emotional risks” associated with abortion.   [The first in the series focused on “physical risks of abortion and informed consent”.]

We are pleased to make this second DVD available to you just for a shipping and handling charge of $3 Cdn. to an address in Canada; $7 U.S. to an address in the United States; and $ 10 U.S. to anywhere else in the world.

[Prayerfully consider making a donation to our ministry in addition to the costs above to help cover the DVDs and our efforts to get this into the hands of those that need it. Charitable tax receipts (to both Canadian and American donors) are available for those making donations of $10 or more annually in excess of the shipping and handling costs.]

More About This Documentary

It is possible that sitting in our very own churches today, there are a considerable number of women who have experienced abortion, living with emotional risks, and too afraid for one reason or another to ask for help.  This documentary (watched personally or in a women’s group ministry program or in a youth group for younger girls) will help release them and gently point them to Christ’s love, care, and healing power.

It is also possible that many of our Christian church counsellors have not received training about the emotional health risks of abortion and watching this documentary will be a great professional development tool for them.

There are upwards of 600 million women experiencing unexpected consequences of aboriton, including self-destructive behaviour that counsellors have not been trained to diagnose. Validated by courtroom decisions with judges and juries, abortion negatively impacts a woman’s emotional well-being, even to the point of suicide. Upwards of 80% of women seeking counselling for post-abortion symptoms such as uncharacteristically risky behaviour, marital sexual dysfunction, trouble relating to their children, or the darkest of terror-filled nightmares lasting into their 90’s cannot be helped and are left wounded and abandoned with no one to turn to.  This documentary does provide help.

“If you’ve lived with your hidden feelings for 10, 20, or even 30 years, it’s time to get release.”

The pain of one’s abortion does not go away. It can last until one dies. There is release.  There is healing.


“Decades after induced abortion was instilled in the culture, most women are still now aware of the risks of this most commonly performed procedure. This documentary will help to ensure that all women have acurate infomration before making their choice.”
Donna Harrison, M.D., Executive Director, American Association of Prolife Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

“The research of the emotional risks of abortion come to life as you hear the heart-wrenching stories of these survivors.”
– Riscilla K. Coleman, Ph.D., Professor of Human Development and Family Studies.

“No man or parent wil be able to pressure a woman into an abortion after watching this documentary.”
– Byron C. Calhoun, MD, FACOG, FACS, MBA, Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology.

“Unspoken grief, unresolved loss, relentless sorrow, regret and pain – many women live with these and more after abortion. The silence must be broken.  Wounded and Abandoned challenges our society to protect women, inform women and for the love of God, offer them life-supporting options.”
– Jakki Jeffs, E.D., Alliance for Life Ontario.

“The information and stories of the post-abortive women are brilliant and riveting. Human story speaks into human reality. It is through another’s story that valuable moral lessons are gleaned; stories that often refute theory or reason as it relates to legalized abortion and give us a firm grip on reality. Who can refute the facts or one’s own story? Human suffering always demnds an ear. … Question is, are we prepared to listen…and do the right thing?”
– James Anderson, Senior Pastor, Toronto, Ontario.

“This is absolutely an outstanding documentary. It is very compelling. The witness of the women in it and Dr(s). Zeni and Barrie deVeber, very impressive. The work is just outstanding; God will bless it. I so believe that because you can see the pain and suffering in the women. It’s been inspired and its just gripping.”
– Jean Echlin, award-winning palliative care professor and reseracher for end-of-life matters.

“It’s a fantastic tool. The ‘consent’ portion is very powerfully done and gets the students talking.”
– Bev Hadland, author, counsellor, founder of Straight Talk, and youth speaker.

“My husband and I watched the video together and we agreed it was awesome. It is very well done. It’s factual; non-biased; nobody can argue with the facts.”
– Janice Russell, Director, Markham Stouffville Crisis Pregnancy Centre.



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