The Audience of One
At the very top of our organization and permeating throughout its structure, is the Lord Jesus Christ. It is on His behalf we minister and serve, and under whose authority and leadership we exist and operate, as He alone reigns supreme. Isaiah 22 speaks of all the humanly possible preparations undertaken to fortify Jerusalem and prevent it from being captured. In verse 11, however, the writer says, “… but you have not looked unto the Maker thereof, neither had respect unto Him that fashioned it long ago.” It is our deep desire that every one involved in SCA approach his/her individual part, as well as our collective ministry, in such a way that this verse would never be said of us.

We also believe that in our attempt to satisfy “the Audience of One”, God has given us a structure of authority, partly driven by our belief that He wants us to operate with order, and partly driven by the laws of the land that govern charitable organizations such as SCA. To this structure, we all must adhere.

What SCA International Was and What It Is Today
SCA International is an incorporated charitable organization registered in both Canada and the United States. It currently operates only in Canada, but it is approved to grant Charitable Organization Tax Receipts to eligible donors for gifts received both in Canada and from the United States.

SCA International is an Evangelical Mission whose main purpose is to share the Good News (the Gospel) of Jesus Christ with those in Canada that do not have easy access to hearing such Good News. By definition then, we started in isolated areas and ministered to isolated individuals (such as loggers and fishermen) and related groups. In so doing, a good part of our ministry gravitated over time towards the needs of, and ministry among, Canada’s First Peoples, in particular the First Nations in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario (as compared to the Metis or the Inuits — the other two First Peoples groups of Canada.)

Today, SCA International, formerly Shantymen Christian Association, that began in 1906 is involved in four areas of ministry:
1. Sending Children to Christian Camps
2. Helping individuals find their Significance for God (our GPS program)
3. Helping support new mission projects get started (our Daniels’ Den program)
4. Mass Scripture distribution.

More areas of ministries to come …..

SCA International Corporation
Article One of our Bylaws defines the Corporation of SCA as follows:
“WHEREAS by Letters Patent issued under the ACT and dated the 20th day of December 1939, as amended by Supplementary Letters Patent dated the 1st day of August, 1985 and the 26th day of November, 1996, and the 27th day of May 2005, the CORPORATION was incorporated”
SCA has seventeen (17) active Corporation members.
Click here for a list of our current Corporation members.

SCA Board of Directors
Our bylaws make the following references with respect to a Board of Directors:
“The affairs of the CORPORATION shall be managed by a BOARD composed of a minimum of three (3) DIRECTORS and a maximum of twelve (12) DIRECTORS to whom one (1) member shall be an ex officio DIRECTOR”
This Board of Directors has Officers — in particular, a Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Board appoints the Executive Director.
Click here for a list of our current Board Members.

SCA Honourary Life Members
From our by-laws:
“From time to time, the BOARD may admit for life or lesser term without payment of any fee or assessment as an Honourary Member a person who, in the opinion of the BOARD has made an outstanding contribution to the development of the CORPORATION.”
Currently SCA has three Honourary Life Members.
Click here to see SCA’s Honourary Life Members.

SCA Executive Director
The Executive Director oversees the entire operation of SCA International and reports to the Board of Directors as a single entity. All missionaries, staff and contractors, consultants, and volunteers report either directly (or indirectly through others) to the Executive Director.

SCA Missionaries
SCA has five missionaries (two couples and one man) who carry out ministry under the SCA banner.  They report directly to the Executive Director.

SCA Staff and Contractors
There are currently three other individuals working out of Head Office:

  • Accountant (contract employee)
  • Executive Director
  • Finance Administrator
  • An IT Specialist

SCA Consultants
From time to time, SCA or the SCA Board may decide to engage the services of a consultant or consulting firm with very special expertise. These individuals, unless they are dealing with matters pertaining to the performance of the Executive Director, consider the ED to be their direct client. Currently SCA has a Planned Giving Manager & Registered Life Broker partnering with us.

SCA Volunteers
SCA is continually blessed with the work of volunteers.  For example, we need and use people to make outbound calls to those we believe will be interested in the services and products we offer as a mission.  These individuals are the responsibility of SCA and thus the Executive Director.

Should you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact me at Ron@scainternational.org or at 905-868-8004 Ext 2021

By Management

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