John & Jean Tibbles

John Jean TibblesFor almost 2.5 decades, John and Jean Tibbles have served the Lord through SCA International (known as Shantymen’s Christian Association when they joined). They have served Him well. They have served Him in a very difficult ministry – ministering primarily to individuals, couples, and families in British Columbia whose lives have either been shattered by a personal loss or ruined by an unwise decision or just dealt a heavy load by life itself and its circumstances. John and Jean have worked, and continue to work with them, showing them there is hope and a future when they turn their lives over to Jesus Christ. The need for that type of work continues to grow in our world today. And John and Jean are committed to continue doing their part as the Lord allows.

On January 1, 2013, John and Jean became “Volunteer Missionaries”. This means they will continue their current ministry work as much as possible (depending on health and energy). The Tibbles will no longer receive a regular missionary salary. However, SCA will continue receipting donations for John and Jean’s ministry to cover directly related approved ministry expenses. We believe in what they’re doing and want to support it in this way.

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More on past ministry and what’s ahead…

From John & Jean: Ministering as field missionaries with SCA International has been a wonderful blessing to us. We have seen the LORD work in many people’s lives, bringing them to know Him, grow in their faith, and receive His healing. Your prayers and support have made this possible, and how thankful we are to you!

There are still people in our area who have not met Jesus as Saviour. We also see a great need for ongoing discipling. We long to be able to do everything our health permits to continue reaching these people.

More about John & Jean Tibbles

John and Jean Tibbles were both born in Quesnel, BC. John came to know the Lord as an adult, Jean as a child. In 1970, they married and moved to Clearwater, BC. They have two adult sons: Michael is married to Cathy and they have three daughters: Haley, Emma, and Megan; Alan is married to Jesi and they have one son, Wyatt.

In 1984, the Lord moved John to leave a career position in corrections to attend Peace River Bible Institute for 4 years. During the summers, the family ministered in the Fort St. James area. During the fourth year, when seeking the right place of ministry, John & Jean received a call from the Northern BC field director of Shantymen. They joined Shantymen in May 1988, moved to Prince George in August of that year, and have since moved to the Hixon area of BC.

Their goals are twofold: to win people to Christ and to disciple them. In John’s words we need to do what Jesus told the people when He raised Lazarus back to life again, “loose him and let him go.” Ministry, through prayer and counselling, is one of their strong points as well as counseling and disciple-making through activities such as small group Bible Studies and one-on-one sharing of the Gospel.