Christian Camping Opportunities


I recently contacted the camps we’ve partnered with over the past three years. They expressed “…… it would be a blessing to have this opportunity again, for children who need to be sponsored in order for them to attend Summer camp.”

SCA having been involved with camp ministry in the past, understands the challenges and difficulties of turning children away from lack of funds.
Camp fees range from $200 – $800 per child for one week of camp, due to mandatory costs, location and types of activities. However, the life-changing stories we’ve received from the children, parents and camp staff, are well worth the cost and God is glorified.
I want to genuinely thank you for your support to this program in the past. Together we have made a difference.

You play a great part in building the Kingdom of God through your giving.
This year will be the fourth consecutive year of our sponsorship program for children.

So far we have connected with five camps and have committed to sponsoring forty children within the provinces of Ontario and Manitoba. While we were preparing this letter we received another request for sponsorship.
We try to focus on children in families with low income, little life opportunities and who live in some form of isolation. Some of these children have moved on to become helpers and camp leaders. They are the future of our generation and what an awesome privilege we have, to be part of a positive influence in their lives through our sponsorship program. Each year someone new can have this opportunity, and many are waiting.
If you are not yet involved or have room to do more for God’s kingdom, please consider sponsoring a child or children in full or part, to attend a Christian camp through our Mission this summer. Camp is a great place to support! God bless you as you prayerfully consider a contribution today!
You will receive an Income Tax receipt for your donation.

We are believing God for the supply of $15,000.00 to run this program this year.
Help us reach our goal!
Click on the donate now button or call our office to make a donation.
We appreciate your generosity!

From our Most Recent Send-A-Child to Camp program – 2018:

We consider it a privilege to again be a part of sponsoring children to attend one week of summer camp for the third consecutive year. We could not have done it without your help. Thank you so much for your support!

Five different Christian Camps: Camp Medeba ON, Camp Widjiitiwin ON, TAC/Salvation Army Jackson Point ON, Turtle Mountain MB and Silver Bay MB, participated in this program this year and we were able to sponsor forty children to attend camp this summer.

I can assure you that these children are very grateful for the opportunity to attend camp through our sponsorship program, where otherwise they may not have had the opportunity to attend. We praise God for this opportunity to partner with Christian Camps and make Jesus known to them in this manner.

We are starting to receive stories from the camps and we will be happy to bring you an update of the changed lives you have been a part of, through your support to our Mission.

Stay tuned for more in the coming months.

God Bless you and thank you for your support!

For Kids, Teens, and Families In Need

Camping experiences change and mold lives, especially young lives. But not every child, teen, or family can afford them. Many Christian leaders today trace a good portion of their passion to follow Christ and their desire to impact the world to camping.

SCA International helps underprivileged fire-62730_1280children, teens, and families have exactly that kind of opportunity. We do that with the donations of those who believe in Christian Camping. We use SCA revenues to send people to solid Christian camps in Canada as near where they live as possible, giving them the experience of a lifetime.

Why Donate?

When school is done and summer is starting, many of us are looking forward to fun times and going away as a family. For many of the kids from the areas surrounding Christian camps in Canada, summer means boredom and loneliness as they are often left with nothing to do, no one to be with, and nowhere to go. You can help change that!

Your gift to SCA General of $250 with a “recommendation” that it be used for this purpose could transform a child’s summer and has the potential to change their life for eternity (camp fees can range from $200 to $800 per week depending on the camp or location).

Four Things You Can Do

  1. Help SCA International to do this (donate here)
  2. Join our mailing list so we can keep you informed of what is happening in this regard
  3. Contact us by email or call us at 1.877.474.2689 to recommend children, teens, or families in need who can benefit from a Christian Camp Experience as close to where they live as possible.
  4. Pray for this aspect of our ministry.