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“The GPS Life Journey helped me to understand, focus, sharpen and utilize all my unique God given personality traits, skills, gifts, and passions”
Dawn Birch, Professional Singer

“The GPS Life Journey gave me the opportunity to better focus my efforts to do Kingdom work. I now know my true passions and am free to do what I do best to fulfill GOD’s purpose for my life”.
Dennis Glenn, Retired FBI Agent and Business Owner


“The GPS Life Journey helped me follow my dream and calling to begin Hope Community Outreach Center in a low-income community.”
Jeannie Simala, Homemaker

“The GPS Life Journey was very significant in my finding and fulfilling [of] my life purpose.”
Don Gunther, Former Executive of a Global Corporation

Keith Neely

“Over the decades, I’ve served on many charitable organization boards and have done personal mission statements and personality/gifting tests/surveys seeking the answer to the “How God Made ME” question. Only GPS puts all this together into an easy-to-grasp roadmap document.  It gives individuals direction as to how God has equipped us as His unique creations to accomplish a unique assignment for Him. I strongly recommend that you not wait until you are 66 to take this journey.  Do it now if you are old enough to have asked that same profound question.”
B. Keith Neely, Financial Advisor, SCA Board-member

Ken Godevenos“My problem has always been not being able to say ‘no’ to
people who asked for help. That was because I lacked understanding of what God’s purpose for my significance was. I just thought I would be available to help anyone, anytime, in any way they needed my help. That is still a good thing, but through this workshop God showed me something even better to do with my limited time and resources. My 15-segment personal GPS Life Journey practical roadmap (the product of my time in the program) is what I now stick to. I personally recommend your small investment in this.”
Ken B. Godevenos, President, accordconsulting.com.

Warwick Cooper” I found the GPS Seminar to be of great value. I have seldom seen such great tools used in concert with each other. It not only helps folks know their strengths and weaknesses, but it walks them through getting a practical Mission Statement for the next stage in their life. This is a valuable time of discussion and personal challenge. I recommend it highly for anyone.”
Dr. Warwick Cooper, Counselor, Care Ministry & Men’s Ministries Pastor, The Peoples Church, Toronto and Board-member, Jews for Jesus

“The GPS Workshop has helped me to Andrewrefine my life purpose and to infuse renewed passion in my calling as a pastor; I am now able to clearly state my life mission, becoming a servant God intended and having a framework to evaluate my personal as well as ministerial effectiveness in partnering with God to impact the world for eternity.”
Andrew Lau, Lead Pastor of Cornerstone Christian Community Church, Markham.

Devika“God gave me the confidence and reassurance through participating in the GPS Life Journey program that my gifts, passions and dreams came from Him and that I have not reached my maximum of what He wants to accomplish in my life. So I was inspired to pursue them to a greater level. I recommend the GPS Life Journey to every Christian at some stage in their adult life.”
Devika Ramroop, Administrator, SCA International

“Going through the GPS Life Calling Jeremysessions was an incredible experience!  It provided tools to explore areas such as my personality, strengths, spiritual gifts and experiences – and to clarify for me how to leverage them to form my personal mission statement for this season of my life.  The exercises and material were excellent.  I’m confident that anyone who is open and seeking God’s direction for their life calling will find this experience extremely helpful.”
Jeremy Tao, Small Groups & Connections Pastor, Cornerstone Christian Community Church, Markham

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