Vision – Mission – Values

vision-mission-valuesSCA Vision

SCA is called to be an organization that glorifies God, serving the people of North America by sharing the love and truth of Jesus Christ, and by equipping others to do likewise.

SCA Mission

SCA is committed to mobilizing the Christian community, who working with us and utilizing our programs and facilities, will help fulfill its Vision by:

  1. Providing programs and facilities that make learning about the Christian life and discipleship, as well as training for Christian service, easier and attractive for individuals, families, groups, and organizations.
  2. Helping people discover the unique purpose they were created for and the unique significance God wants them to have in their current stage of life; and then enabling them to pursue these.
  3. Enabling Christian entrepreneurs to commence activities of service that they believe they were called to and which are in keeping with SCA’s Vision.
  4. Distributing resources and tools that encourage individuals to come to Christ, grow in Christ, and/or serve Christ.

SCA Core Values

  1. Prayer
  2. Adherence to Scriptures
  3. Honouring God through excellence
  4. People and relationships
  5. Pursuit of full devotion to Christ for every Christ follower
  6. Evidenced authenticity and continued growth
  7. Culturally relevant ministry
  8. Accountability to authority
  9. Community and family
  10. Unity and cooperation of the entire body of Christ
  11. Financial integrity

Please Note: We remain committed to the above. Recent events and developments in the Ministry required us to re-assess our areas of focus in order to meet the “objects” of SCA that we have had from day one.